Maria's advices to prepare your wedding photography

Maria is a wedding planner for more than 10 years working with high-end luxury resorts in Cabo. Her refined sense of details and experience is well known in Los Cabos area, and she is happy to share some advices to our future brides and grooms.

To get good photographs, of course you need great photographers like us but this not all. A big part is on planning the photoshoot as well so you can get the best of our work.

Don't be afraid, these are some advices easy to follow and if you play the game the result will make the difference between great photos and AWESOME PHOTOS.


Getting Ready

try to keep your room clean before our arrival

- you can ask for housekeeping to be finished 2 to 3 hours before our arrival so your room is fresh and this would give a perfect atmosphere for you to get ready

- Remove any distractions such as water bottled, shoes, suitcases on the floor

- Let us know if there are any details such as invitation, welcome bags, save the date, you have already worked a lot at this stage for your wedding, these are special items we can photograph while you are getting ready.

- If you consider upgrading to a larger room, do it ! This is a plus for your photography, the big windows and large spaces allow us to get wide and clean shots and to move around easily. Also this is more confortable for you and the bridesmaid.



At the ceremony, our best advice during this particular moment is to tell your guests remain on their sits. This is frustrating for us when someone is standing at the same time, especially when you know you could take a beautiful shot but this the person is right in the picture. Your guests have made the trip to celebrate this moment with you. You want them to enjoy this, and that's why you hire a professional photographer. Of course they can take photos from their sits and after the ceremony is over.

Group/Beach pictures

Right after the ceremony, since everyone is still there, we walk to the beach or some other area of your selection to take a nice group picture. After this picture we can stay on this site and take pictures with your parents/close family, the bridal party while the rest of the guests can go and enjoy the cocktail. Then we take some photos of just the two of you.